Audit adalah bagian penting dari memastikan kepatuhan dengan standar. GRI menyediakan layanan audit yang menyeluruh untuk membantu Anda mengidentifikasi area yang perlu ditingkatkan dan merencanakan tindakan korektif.

Layanan audit GRI mencakup:

  • Cocker/Licensee/Supplier/Vendor Assessments – we monitor your trading partners throughout the supply chain to ensure adherence to your contractual agreements and other requirements
    This means that your products meet your quality, food safety, environmental, occupational and social responsibility standards at every stage of production
  • Audit against your code of practice – we monitor your network to ensure compliance with the values and procedures defined in your code of practice
    This helps to protect and sustain your brand and reputation
  • Our customized 2nd party food audit solutions help your business succeed by being an independent set of eyes and ears that can monitor operations. We ensure that your organization and partners are maintaining, and improving, the standards you have specified – wherever you are in the world.